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How to Have a Fantastic Year in Network Marketing

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All it takes is ONE FANTASTIC YEAR of growth in your network and you will build a residual income for a lifetime. One fantastic year of effort to build the income to achieve your dreams.

A fantastic year is possible for everyone IF you build your business with the right foundations. This audio programme explains the fundamental theory and key success strategies that every new person must learn to be successful. This knowledge provides the FOUNDATIONS to your success in this business. A lack of this knowledge is why 90% of people fail. This programme is based on the UNIQUE experience of the only person who actually works within networks as a specialist Network Development consultant and coach across the world; developing the training systems, training the networks, coaching the leaders and company executives. Edward has finally revealed his secrets!

Listening to the programme will be like personal coaching sessions by the world's Network Leader coach. This programme is for people NEW to Network Marketing.

Part 1 How to make money FOREVER

  • The theory of building an income opportunity and why most people get it wrong
  • How to build endless customer volume
  • How to get everyone to buy your product

Part 2 How to GET RICH quickly

  • The fastest strategy for anyone to get rich
  • How to explain how a network is developed
  • How to create the Momentum that will make you a leader

Part 3 How to MOTIVATE anyone

  • Why people are not really motivated and how to work out why
  • How to turn negative into positive motivation
  • How to be so motivated nothing will stop you

Part 4 The Ultimate RECRUITING Tool

  • You will triple your ability to recruit people... 
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